For Rates, please inquire me by mail. My rates differ per project and country so I don’t have a fixed rate. Usually I charge by the hour.

If you book me by the hour. My time starts from the time I arrive in the studio until the shoot is done. So I also count makeup time, clothing changes, lunch breaks etc as work time.
But I won’t charge for the time I need to re pack my bags and have a coffee afterwards.

Also, please understand that I’m a reasonable human so if you feel like my above rules shouldn’t apply to our shoot, just discus this with me before hand. I would for example not always charge for a full lunch break in a local cafe, but I do charge for a 10 minute tea+energy bar stock up in between sets (I need energy to perform well for you after all).



Cancelation fees:

If you book me, but cancel on me, I might ask for a cancelation fee.
-If you cancel within 2 weeks of the date of the shoot, I require 50% of the agreed rate as cancelation fee.
-If you cancel within 3 days of the shoot, I require the full sum of the agreed rate as a cancelation fee.



Extreme working conditions:


Outdoor shoots:

Although I love the outdoors. Please discuss the risks with me before hand.
Who brings disinfectant and bandages? Who has tongs to remove ticks? Who brings hot drinks if it’s cold?
Also please understand that as a model, I need to be slow and careful while working as not to damage my body. The photographer I shoot with tomorrow wouldn’t appreciate it if I’m full of bruises and scratches.


Shooting in the sun:

I’m a fair lady, and I revolve my way of dressing and personal care around trying to maintain a tan line free and healthy skin.
Due to this I might need time to lather up on sunscreen every 2 hours or every time I was posing in water and/or dirt.
This time is included into shooting time.


Shooting in the cold:

Sadly, I’ve been in numerous situations where the photographer didn’t account for my safety in the cold. Which is usually because the photographer is too enthusiastic and doesn’t know about the risks. So I wrote a set of rules I adhere to when shooting in the cold:

Cold studio/indoor location:

Risks: pulled muscles, asthma attack, chilblains, hypothermia, diminished concentration and energy on shoot.

Conditions: Studio/location must be reasonably warm i.e. if the photographer is comfortable in a short sleeved t-shirt, that would be warm enough for the model.
If the room is too cold, breaks of 5 minutes to warm up with a robe/blanket & hot drink must be allowed every 20 minutes.

If the room is extremely cold e.g. Clearly below freezing, draughty, ice forming on window etc then it must either be heated adequately or the shoot cancelled with full pay, or rescheduled for no less than 2 weeks in the future.

Cold outdoor location:

Cold weather risks: asthma, hypothermia, frostbite, diminished concentration, ear ache, headache, shakes.

Nude/lingerie/light clothing:
Sub zero temperatures – no more than 10 minutes shoot time, followed by 15 minutes break in heated vehicle with hot drink.
Cold weather – as above but 15-20 minute shoot time followed by break.

It is strongly suggested that the photographer sets up te whole set first or test shots taken with fully clothed model first.

Clothed model/cold/sub zero – no more than 30 minutes shooting time, with 15 minute break in warm vehicle with hot drink.

Breaks for warmth are included in the shoot time. For example, you may only be shooting for 20 minutes in an hour between comfort breaks at very low temperatures, but it would still count as an hour’s shooting time.



Underwater shoots:

A lifeguard must be on set during underwater shoots. I’m a good swimmer, but you never know.