My name is Joy and I work as a full time freelance model. 


Who am I:

Before I studied psychology in Amsterdam and I got my degree. I worked in marketing for a while until I decided to do what I love, model full time. I’ve been modeling on a weekly basis since 2012 next to my studies. I still live close to Amsterdam together with my sweet boyfriend.

I’m a very versatile and motivated model. I’m athletic and feminine, tough and soft, joyful and sulky, very present or totally absent, I’m slim but curvy, glamorous or natural. You won’t get bored with me I promise!

The reason I model is because It’s a great outlet for my creativity. I’ve been creative all my life with various arts and crafts. I understand the drive and obsession that comes with creating great works of art.

Height: 1.75m
Bust: 95
Waist: 70
Hips: 98


What I do:

I barely do any TF. Please only purpose TF if you have an amazing unique extravagant idea. And no TF on tours.

For the last 7+ years I’ve mostly modeled for nude, lingerie, portraits and fashion. I also have experience in underwater shoots. Shoots with wolves, horses and other animals.

I used to do indoor climbing and I’m still very strong and not afraid of heights. I work out almost daily and practice yoga so I’m moderately flexible and have good control over my body.

I’m not ashamed of any part of my body whatsoever. This enables me to be very relaxed, comfortable and natural in my posing. But I can also do some fierce glamour poses or acting.
I do all kinds of shoots, but not pornographic/spread/erotic shoots where you can see my vajayjay..

I’m also a tough and artistic girl who isn’t afraid to put some effort in great artwork. You need a model with guts? I climb trees, roll in the mud or swim in a lake. All for good photos. When it comes to tough shooting conditions, I’m very hardy. I can tolerate cold temperatures very well and I know you have to be uncomfortable sometimes to get the perfect pose.
But please check my requirements for extreme shooting conditions my page on Booking Information (top of the screen) before booking me for shoots in extremer conditons.


What I love:

I love to shoot outdoors and on special locations. Especially nature, since I’m a real life forest nymph with my natural look, long brown/reddish hair and green eyes. Also, because I’m Dutch I’m terribly deprived of beautiful rock formations to shoot with. So take me there!
I also love themed shoots. I love to act and to play. Those shoots really bring out my creativity.



PlayboyPlus 2019
Het Perfecte Plaatje, Dutch tv role, 2018
Ink Masters, bodypaint model on Dutch TV, 2017
Snoecks 2014, in the box with Eric Kellerman
Centraal museum Utrecht, painted by Jeroen Hermkens
Modellenland Magazine, two times
Het Nieuwe Revu
Model for the brand Au Corset Chique
Model for Attitude Holland
Model for Nol Sieraden
Model for La Hierbas Dunas
Featured in Phonograper Magazine
Featured in Hearts Magazine
And multiple small galleries and exhibitions